Welcome to my homepage !

Collectors, libraries, museums, scientists and their institutes and former colleagues might remember me as a former antiquarian book dealer dealing with his books via internet or book-fairs. Due to the market I closed my shop many years ago and concentrated on collecting "plums", once for pleasure, and once as a hedge against inflation.

Main point of my collections are the subjects:  Original first editions in very fine condition : Explorations, expeditions, ethnology, geography, but also early technical history like automobilia, aviatic, or natural history, scientific reports on zoology, botany, palaeonthology etc among others in my mothertongue German, but also in English and other languages.

What you do not find in my collections :  Reprints, fakes, bad conditions.

Due to my age (born 1947) my collections are reduced now piece by piece and step by step in no hurry.

Prices are negotiable. Just place your best bid.


Parts of my collections are presented and updated quite regularly via this homepage. They are shown as separate documents in pdf-format, virus-free, of course.